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Artistic Perspective

Though originally trained in a very classical upbringing, I am an artist who has abandoned the confines of this structure for a more fluid and unstructured method. Similar to jamming in a band, I like to try as many perspectives as possible before deciding upon a final result. Sometimes this even includes arguing against my own beliefs to find the best solution or the most widely understood concept of expression.

Perhaps this is the inner musician in me coming out in other aspects of my creativity. Though a basic structure is in place, I seek to find ways to break in and out of that box. I have a lot of determination to get the job finished, but am always open to the unique view from a minority lens.

The purpose of this page is to provide an artistic insight into the works of Gina Hansen. The site is separate from consulting ventures, but serves to provide samples of past work.



I always welcome new projects and love discussing new ideas. Please send inquiries to I would love to hear about your new venture!

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