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Artistic Perspective

Looking out over Kwatsi Bay, Canada Marin Headlands, California Photo Aerial photo near Port Harvey, Canada

A person doesn't need a fancy camera to take good photos. You either have the eye for it, or you don't. Unfortunately, too many people are overly excited about the new digital camera fad and we are being flooded with amateur photographers. Also unfortunate, they all seem to be taking the same kind of pictures. It is almost as if the travelers think to themselves, "Oh, there's the Mona Lisa. I have to get a picture," without taking the time compose the image or even giving it a second thought. Then, one quick click later, they are off to collect their next "must see when visiting ".

These days, very few people take their 35mm cameras on their vacations to the places they've always dreamed about visiting. In fact, these older models are becoming virtually obsolete. No longer restricted to 12, 24, or even 36 exposures, many are using their cameras to their fullest potentials. Unfortunately for some, this means capturing the entire thing from behind the LCD screens. This is becoming an increasing hazard at museums where caretakers no longer seem to be no longer stopping people from taking photos they want to sell in the giftshop, but instead are trying to stop people from running into the exhibits themselves, having never put the small handheld camera down to ensure they don't bump into anything while they get that "perfect photo" of a non-moving 3,000-year-old Greek statue, 4,000-year-old Minoan ingots, or the Rosetta stone they'll never be able to decipher even if they had a photo.

Proving the self-titled photographer travelled to the place via evidence of digital image, leaves many completely absorbed in the technology, forgetting to really experience the ambiance and soul of the vacation destination. With my own photography, I strive to draw out that view or perspective that people might have passed by too quickly to have have considered. In photography and in other parts of our fast-paced life, many people miss the most diverse array of ideas and possibilities by rushing through life. Now, granted, I have my own Eifel Tower photos, too, but I recognize the altered catch phrase, "When in Paris, do as the Parisians." The reason it is famous for so many ideas, art, architecture, etc., can be attributed to so much time spent engaged in the place, its people, and its atmosphere. Do you think the locals spend all their time photographing the Champs d'Elyses or the Arc d' Triumph? Sure, they appreciate your tourist dollars, but I'm sure they'd much rather be sipping a cappucino at a local cafe or some other leisure activity not associated with tourism.

Though I bequeathed some wonderful photography experiences inspired by travels to Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, Israel & Jordan, and around Europe, I am not the only one to have visited these marvels. I strive, however, to capture oringality & present new perspectives that differ from today's digital camera, aim-and-click, icon-collecting tourist.

I am inspired by industrial photography, horticulture, and doorways into a different experience, as well as trying to capture that perspective or new idea that others may have missed or glanced over.

I do not doctor my images, but leave them in their original form and color, despite the ease and availability of photo editors to preserve artistic integrity.



Therefore, these images are found in their original form, head in front of the Roman Coliseum and all. Resolution of these images is limited for this gallery, however, those interested in purchasing images at full pixel quality are asked to write to for permission on use.






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If you have the eye,
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The penultimate of artistic success... When an idea or piece of artistic expression causes someone to slow down enough to consider a new point of view!