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gina hansen

Gina Hansen is a Computer Science & Digital Media Teacher in Littleton, CO at Columbine High School. Hansen formerly worked at Pittsburg High School in CA teaching Digital Recording and advising Hip Hop Club and other forms of Digital Media Production at DeAnza High School in Richmond, CA. As a teacher, Hansen works with students to create Film Audio, Lyric Writing, Lunch Box Cyphers, and other forms of Live Sound Production.

As a musician, Gina Hansen stems from a classical upbringing, where she first studied with Muriel Carnes and Mimi Jacobson on piano at age 6. Then, she trained with Michelle Leach and Bud Schultz in contemporary and jazz piano. She also took a few classes in Sound Arts Engineering at Ex'pression College of Digital Arts, in Emeryville, CA.

Her music spans a wide variety of genres, everything from classical & jazz to rock & surf to folk & girl and guitar to electronic & experimental. Shying from the spotlight, Hansen sometimes sings and also plays keys, guitar, clarinet and a variety of other electronic instruments. Hansen specializes in digital media manipulation, works as a DAW Producer and participates in live performance and show production groups. Current music interests include EDM, Progressive Rock, and Hip-Hop Production.

Always with a tune in her head, Gina Hansen hears in multiplicity and is happiest when writing. Film scores are among her favorite endeavors. She has written and co-authored theme songs, parodies, and other collaborative projects. Recent work has included post production audio for Coffee?. She has also worked on sound effects for plays and live shows.

gina hansen

Foremost, a composer, she also enjoys performing. Hansen occasionally plays in groups, but more recently has appeared at Velvet for an AIDS Ride Fundraiser Event and jamming with Kippis for their annual holiday extravaganza. She also occasionally plays in Jazz Combos or at Open Mic Jazz Nights, as well as playing in the Common Hard Core Rock Band with the guys from Work.

An important component of her work involves inspiration from her Hip Hop Club students and their successes.

Music Performance Photo of Common Hard CorePhoto of AIDS Lifecycle Fundraiser Love Tech Performance With Hip Hop Club Student Photo


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